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purple.st4rz_556 on Discord (really inactive)

Hello! My name is Samara, though I would prefer if you call me Purple or Starz unless I know you IRL! I am a digital and traditional artist, who occasionally makes (bad) animations, edits, and music

I have the worst humor ever 😭/hj
I have anxiety so if you dm me I don't know how to continue conversations
I curse a lot, but NOT AT YOU DIRECTLY!!! Just like general cursing

Basic DNI (proshitters, homophobes, racists, etc)
Andrew Tate/Donald Trump supporters
NSFW accounts/18+ accounts
Under 13/Over 18
Don't be a pervert or randomly flirt with me

My current obsessions:
South Park, The Amazing Digital Circus, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Night in the Woods, Helluva Boss (???)

Hobbies I think:
Coding my website, making music, sweets, writing fanfiction, drawing, doomscrolling

My kins!

Other characters I love a normal amount (lie)

I make art...if you forgot for some reason
I use Clip Studio Paint and the Wacom One tablet to draw! I occasionally use Flipaclip and IbisPaintX to draw and animate on my phone :> Feel free you use my art as a pfp with credit!

More art examples

Some of my music is down below! I wanna sing and play guitar in my songs eventually, but for now I've making stuff without lyrics